Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives of 2017

Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives of 2017
Though there could be a lot of reasons for finding Google AdSense alternatives. Maybe you want to try some other networks, you might be a victim of AdSense Ban on your blog or maybe the money you’re making from your blog isn’t enough for you. No matter what the reason may be we will provide you a list of best Google AdSense alternatives that we have tried and used on our blogs.  Today, in this article we will show you top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives of 2017.


RevenueHits already admitted that their platform is not good as Google AdSense, though they believe that they are one of the better alternatives to Google AdSense. If your website is having good numbers of traffic per day from Search Engines actually, then RevenueHits would be a great pick.

RevenueHits pays you once you're made $50 or more. And as many other Ads networks. Like many other ad networks, it doesn’t allow ads to be placed on the pages that have no content.


If you're not getting AdSense approval or you are banned from using it, then Bidvertiser could be a great alternative to Google AdSense.

They are a bit different to AdSense. While AdSense ads are displayed based on user's interest,  Bidvertiser has a bidding system that permits the most elevated bidder to publicize on your blog. At first, you don't have enough capacity to make much income because it requires some of the investment to get your site discovered and seen by highest bidders. So stay longer.

In order to get paid by BidVertiser, you have to have $10 in your account if you want your payment to get delivered to your PayPal or Payza account, and you'll need $50 if you want to get paid through check.


PopAds provides great rates and they can adapt all countries. Something awesome about PopAds is that they send our payments every day but you must have at least $5 in your account. Their quality is great, and they additionally have pop-ups, tab ups/under and other adaptation strategies. In order to set their Ads on your blog is pretty simple and so make money online from their network too.

Media.Net offers its publishers a few advertisement styles and options. However, they just permit one of every advertisement sort to show up on a page.

Media.Net additionally gives web bar and portable advertisements to its publishers.
I feel this is the amazing AdSense alternative as of now. In any case, know that they are known for suspending accounts and not expressing the reason. Along these lines, on the off chance that you utilize their network, read all the guidelines if you want to use account for a long time.


Clicksor is one of my favorite Google AdSense alternatives. Clicksor pays for the score of clicks you get on your Ads displayed by Clicksor on your website. Clicksor provides both kinds of ads i.e. banner and text-based ads. They also provide pop-up ads to its publishers. The CTR rate of Clicksor is 0.2 Cents eventually which is not that good. But if your website is getting decent numbers of traffic, or at least if your website is receiving 3-5k visitors a day, then from Clicksor, you can expect to earn something even more than the default.

Many small business based websites are also earning with this network pretty passive income. So if you're not getting the approval of Google AdSense, not understood the Google AdSense concept, or what the reason maybe, you could give it a try for sure.


BuySellAds is basically a directly based advertising Monetization network which is use  to sell the available slot / ad spaces or area of your website. These Ads slots could be in your sidebar, footer area, above the fold area, etc.

Advertisers will simply buy Ad slots where they want their Ads to be displayed, and BuySellAds will directly send you the payment depending on how much the price you set for each slot. The advertisements are sold not on the premise of PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy, yet they are sold for a month or additional time.

If you can manage to generate at least 20,000 monthly page impressions, if you have professional site design, you have fresh content then BSA would be amazing for you.

And the more amounts of these things would be present in your website; the more chances are bright for you to get your website Ad Slot to be sold by Advertisers.


Infolinks is one of the most used Advertising network. Actually, Infolinks has about 200,000 active publishers  and it is keep growing everyday. Infolinks shows Ads on the base of relevancy. For example, if you're reading an article about how to bake a cake and got the text something like "here are some ingredients" then when you hover you mouse either to the text "here are some ingredients"  or even at "ingredients" you'll see contextual an ad, so that is the element of Infolinks ads. Being dazed? Here is one example of Infolinks ads:
As you can see when someone hovers the mouse to the text "script" then a little ad box pop ups and show an ad based on relevance.

Tribal Fusion

This is one the magnificent alternatives to Google AdSense. But you may not easily become a publisher of this network because they have a bit strict policy (either more or less strict policy) than Google AdSense at least. If you want to be the part of this network, then your website should receive 500,000 monthly impressions. Though if you become a publisher of Tribal Fusion, then, believe me, you'll love this platform. And the most important and sublime benefit of this network is it pays more than Google AdSense. So this could be the great pick if you're having fair amounts of traffic.


Chitika is a website, based on PPC Ads, which is working in this market for the last couple of years. However, there is no specific requirement out there in order to become a publisher of Chitika. You can go to their site and can register an account. If you'd be lucky then you'll become a publisher of Chitika and thus you'll be start making money online by running their Ads on your blog. This network is considered to be as one the best alternatives to Google AdSense.

Propeller Ads 

A pop-under Ads open in another window and afterward typically gets minimized or leave the center. Such advertisements consist of high CTR and have high Conversions. Propeller Ads Media utilizes On Click Pop Under methodology in order to end up less meddling to the visitors. In this approach, the advertisement window opens just when a visitor clicks anyplace on your site. Though if it's not get done, there is no chance for your website to display an ad.

We hope this article has helped you in learning about the 10 best Google AdSense alternatives of 2017. If you know or have used a better Ad network that is not listed above feel free to leave its review in the comment below. If you like this article, share it on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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July 1, 2016 at 5:39 PM

This is the most convincing adsense alternatives list but i don't thing so the all ads network you mentions here will work for all niche blogs/website and all countries traffic. Adsense is whale in advertising and publishing networks and covers many topics and countries.Many of these alterantives may not work good enough for specific country or specific niche.

I have also created a list of Topic/Niche wise and country-wise adsense alternative at and i would like to know your thoughts on my adsense alternative listing.


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