Top 4 Best Email Marketing Tools to build your blog Audience

You can either make one time sales, or you can accumulate wealth, wealth disguised as Emails, and keep making money forever, your choice.  If you passed your 5th grade in one go, I'd say you're smart enough to go with option #2.

Well, that's a good choice. But people won't just give you their E-mails, right? You need to have a system in place, to scrape it off of them, without pissing them off, so that they actually pay attention to your Emails in their inboxes.

Now, you can use a variety of tools for the task. But what makes most of the impact is, the design. That's what people notice before they notice anything else, ofcourse you need to have advanced options too.

In this article, we will show you the top 4 best Email marketing tool to build your blog audience so you can make most of every user.

1. GetResponse:

The reason for me listing GetResponse right at the top is pretty simple. Cause, it's the best. As far as feature, service and the price is concerned. Well, you'll soon find out my reason for saying so.

GetResponse offers me 500+ email templates to begin with. Now that's quite enough for me. Additionally, with GetResponse I'm getting a Drag&Drop template builder. So i can literally customize just about any template without ever touching the codes.

Secondly, it's letting me have A/B tests on different variations of my template. Now that's a definite conversion rate booster.

And, I just definitely loved it's autoresponders. They are advanced enough to let me trigger specific responses in occasion of specific events.

Last but not the last, they gave me these awesome, 100+ Landing pages, free of cost ! This feature alone was enough for me to make my decision. And guess what I have to pay them for all of this ?
Nothing but just $15 for 1000 subscribers. For all those features, I'd say it's pretty reasonable.

2. iContact:

iContact is another cool tool for the same job, but it doesn't have a lot to boast about, specially when it comes to the "marketing" part.

But I must say, the Contacts management is impressive. It offers Drag&Drop templates, A/B tests and all other features too, but it's contacts management is just at another level.

It has supernatural capabilities of tracking, list segmentation and organizing them. Now that's whats not so common with a lot of email marketing tool.

It has cool integration capabilities, letting me link it with third-party apps and tools out there. Including Facebook and twitter, which ofcourse is a feature I'm getting with GetResponse too.

But what's awkward is the pricing. It's not offering me something very unique and special, but it's charging me double of what GetResponse does. It starts with $14 for 500 subscribers, while I'm getting 500 x 2 = 1000 email subscribers with GetResponse for $15.

3. Aweber:

Aweber is into serious business here.

That much you can calculate from it's 700+ Email templates that it has to offer. But then again, I personally feel it only adds to the clutter and confusion, because those 700 variations are more or less the same.

Secondly, it's Autoresponder is neatly coded, hence giving it an edge over a lot of other tools in this list ( although not GetResponse as it already has 2.0 autoresponders ).

It's email newsletters are one of a kind. With the tagline "Simple enough for newbies with advanced options for experts." So well you probably are getting an idea that despite your tech skill
Oh, it ofcourse gets you the Drag&Drop feature so don't worry about that.

It can also be integrated with a variety of third-party apps and tools to increase the overall functionality.

I'd say it's the perfect GetResponse competitor, but then I suddenly remember about the Landing pages and webinars and the perfect Email templates from GetResponse, and that's exactly where GetResponse beats Aweber.

4. Constant Contact:-

Contant Contact is another competitor up this list. And rightly so.

As the name suggests, the main power of Constant Contact lies in its Contact management tools. The list has variety of options to let you choose from sorting, to geographically organizing your list.

The only problem is you don't get a lot of image space. But well, if you don't need lot's of images you are good to go.

You get the traditional Drag&Drop template editors no doubt.

Also, it has a very customized autoresponder, that can be triggered on special occasions like birthdays etc.

ConstantContact is unique in the sense that it offers you the functionality to schedule your posts. Well overall, it's a good choice, an alternative when there's no GetResponse, or when you're just bored with awesomeness.

Final Verdict:

I'm a GetResponse fan, because I've spent time with each and every of the above listed tools, and my experience was ( and till date, is ) the best with GetResponse.

The other tools are good "Email marketing tools", while GetResponse knows how to be much more than that.  Plus, no other tool is getting me Landing pages.

Additionally, if we go on and compare the pricing, I have to pay only $15 for 1000 subscribers, while most (Read all) the other tools charge around double this amount for the same number of subscribers, and reduced features.

So I'd say, go with GetResponse, and unless you find a reason to leave it ( which you ever won't) , stick to it. It's free to try anyway.

The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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