How to Automatically Tweet When Publish a new Post in Blogger

Do you want to minimize the time of tweeting your newly published posts on Twitter? So, today I am writing an article which is going to help you to add automatically feed posts to Twitter.  We know that most of the users take it annoying to share feeds on twitter for each post yet it is important too. That means we cannot neglect the twitter, as social media is very much crucial in blogging. Therefore in order to minimize that effort we are going to share a guide which will help you that how to auto-feed blog posts to twitter.

How to Replace Older/Newer Post buttons with Post Titles in Blogger

You must have seen some popular blogs who have replaced older and newer post buttons with post titles and you must be wondering that “how to do it?” Therefore, today in this article, we will show you how to replace older/newer post buttons with post titles in blogger.

How to Create a Sticky Post on Homepage in Blogger

Have you got anything happening which you want to stick on your Homepage? It could be anything a giveaway, list of discount coupons freebies and etc. Recently one of our readers asked us, how to create a sticky post in blogger. In WordPress, it is quiet easy to stick your post on Homepage, but in blogger you need to apply a trick which today we are sharing with you.  Today in this article, we will show you how to create a sticky post on homepage in blogger.

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