How to Find Free High Quality Stock Images for Blogger Posts

How to Find Free High Quality Stock Images for Blogger Posts
Images speak larger than words, this is the reason most of the people recommends you to add relevant images to your posts to make it more attractive, attention grabbing and efficiently passing on your message. We do receive a lot of queries from our users asking questions, How to find free good stock images? Where to find best good stock images for blogger site? We will be answering all these questions here. Today in this article, we will show you how to find free high quality stock images for blogger site.

How to Style Labels in Blogger

By default, Blogger allows you to arrange your content into categorize with the help of labels. It is always considered as a handy practice to label your posts to a specific category so that users can easily find relevant content not by searching your whole blog but by looking into a specific label or a category.  This makes your site more user friendly, but also useful for search engines too. You can display labels in the sidebar or anywhere in your site which are list or cloud style. In this article, we will show you how to style labels in blogger.

Before you get started with this tutorial, we would recommend you to go through how to add labels in your posts so that you can understand with a lot more authority.

How to Add Live Chat Support in Blogger

Are you running a product site where you sell digital goods online? Having a quality customer support always turns out give a fair enough boost in your sales as users urge to talk before they commit to buy your products. Recently, one of our users sends us query that how to add Live Customer Chat Support in Blogger so that he could easily interact and convert his visitors into customers. At the same time, he can engage with his existing customers and can solve their problems on the spot. In this article, we will show you how to add live chat support in blogger.

What Skills are Required to Develop a Blogger Template

Every now and then we often see people curious to know how to develop a Blogger template, or what it requires developing a blogger template, how we can learn to develop a blogger template, What are the skills needed by a person to code a proper blogger template? Being a template developer myself it takes a lot of things to create a perfect design that is not only up to the need of your client but also satisfies his users. So, those who are looking for answers to all these questions then today in this article, we will be answering your all questions and more importantly will focus on What Skills are Required to Develop a Blogger Template.

How to Improve Image Quality issue in Blogger

Being a blogger user, you might have noticed that sometimes blogger compromised on the image quality. By default when you upload images to your posts, blogger reduces the quality of the image so that your site loads faster than it normally does. Recently, we got a query from a user asking for how to improve image quality in blogger so that he can provide high quality images on his blog. In this day and age when websites are getting professional it is essential to take care of each and every element. Therefore, today in this article, we will show you how to improve image quality issue in blogger.

How to Change a Mouse Cursor in Blogger

We frequently see a lot of people customizing their blog by implementing different practices like custom background, color schemes, widgets and etc. We received a similar query from one of our reader asking about how to change a mouse cursor in blogger? A custom cursor brings distinctiveness and magnetism to your site, and it might turn out to be a great addition to your site too. Today, in this article, we will be telling you how to change a mouse cursor in blogger.

How to Display Most Commented Posts in Blogger

People often ask us a common question, how they can showcase a list of most commented posts in the sidebar of their blog. Showing a list of the content that is most discussed is indeed a great way to encouraging new users to join in the conversation. It also benefits in building an active community that means more engagement and more readers would be jumping into your website. In this article, we will demonstrate that how to display most commented posts in blogger?

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