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How often do you change the template of your Blog? Do you select the perfect template for your Blogger site? Selecting a perfect template for your blog determines the future of your site. A good template not only gives a good first impression to users, but also keeps your SEO stable. The challenge of selecting the right template for your blog is quite tough and it requires satisfaction that content, design, appearance looks good. In this article, we will share our experience while selecting a perfect template for blogger that is right for your niche and your blog.

Selecting a Template Relating your Niche:

The most substantial point of them all is to select a design that is ideally made for your niche, business or company. If you have a site that is about "sports" and you are using a theme that is made for products sites, then this is not a worthy move. Therefore, it is quite obvious to select a template that is good for your business and matches your needs.

Simple is Better:

Simplicity is the best that is the reason why most of the popular blogs always looks for simple and elegant design. There are many templates available for download but are coded with complex design, which makes it even harder for a common publisher to even customize it. Instead of getting into the trap of fancy looking themes, go for a simple yet elegant one. I am sure you won’t regret your move.

Look for Browser Compatibility: 

Before using a template, make sure it is completely compatible with major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and etc. You might have seen many people not caring more about IE 6, but it is the fact that a lot of people are still using Internet Explorer. If you get a red signal from your developer about the compatibility of IE, then he isn’t capable enough to make it compatible and giving excuses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

You might notice themes on various websites that are SEO optimized. While most of the users are not aware of the fact that it is essential for them to have a template that is SEO ready and is optimized correctly for search engines. The ideal way to optimize your blogger template for SEO is to take care of title tags, description and header tags.

You can also define how you want to display your site in search engine, improve your URLS for search engines using meaningful permalinks and etc.

What We Recommend? 

The internet is full of heaps of Free as well as paid blogger templates that you can download and apply on your blogger site. However, we trust and recommend some of the high quality, reliable and leading blogger template providers across the web. Take a look at the following providers that we trust:
If you are looking for some hand-picked quality blogger themes then check out our this collection of top 10 quality blogger templates.

We hope this guide would have helped you in selecting a perfect template for your blogger blogspot site. In Case we missed out any important point then you have the opportunity to add your opinion in it by commenting them below. Let us have a meaningful conversation below.

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