How to Remove Click Trap From Blogger Preview

Being a Blogger Developer or a common user, upon previewing your template or posts you might have noticed a click trap present there to stop you from clicking anywhere in the entire blog post. Recently, one of our users asked us that how to disable or remove click trap from blogger previews. It’s a fact that we all want to cross check our posts before putting them live on our blog, but the click trap produces amount disturbance that is certainly beyond the explanation.  Today in this article, we will show you how to remove the click trap from Blogger Preview.

How to Properly Add Font Awesome Icons in Blogger

Are you looking for a way to add hundreds and thousands of scalable vector icons to your blogger site? One of the proper and current solution that most professional designers recommend is FontAwesome. Recently, one of our users asked us that How to properly Add Font Awesome in Blogger so that he can add scalable vector icons in his website without getting its pixels blurred or adding any further images. Font Awesome provides a simple CSS technique that adds vector icons that looks awesome at any size. In this article, we will show you how to properly add Font Awesome Icons in Blogger.

How to Lock or Unlock Widgets in Blogger

Have you ever used a blogger template consisting of widgets that are almost irremovable? Time to time you want to integrate advanced functionality and desires to remove or edit that widget that are doesn’t provide any option to either remove or edit. Recently, one of our users asked us that How to Lock or unlock Widgets in Blogger? Most of the blogger developers prefer to add unlocked widgets so that users can easily customize and play around with the template’s framework. Today, in this article we will show you how to lock or unlock widgets in Blogger.

10 Most Popular & Best iPhone Applications for Bloggers

In this era of modern world, technology has advanced furiously and daily about billions of dollars are invested in technology. Apple is one of the most rewound companies in the sphere of modern technology and its development of iOS devices is the most successful one. If you are a blogger, regardless of the fact which blogging platform you use, always wanted to have an iPhone because the features it provides relay helpful for a blogger and a ton of application on iTunes. Since, we have already covered top 10 useful android apps for bloggers. In this article we will be telling 10 Most Popular & Best iPhone Applications for Bloggers

How to Display Author Name in Blogger Posts

Author name is one of the best ways to give some acknowledgment to the article publisher. Most of the quality template developers like Templateism and Themeforest always includes author names in their themes by default.  Recently, one of our readers wrote an email asking about how to display author name in blogger posts, so it could help users to know that who actually wrote this post. In this article, we will show you how to display author name in Blogger posts.

How to Add a Reddit Button in Blogger Posts

While the rest of the other social networking corporations is heading towards a disaster, there is still one company that is achieving the hypes is Reddit. In the past, we have already shown you how to add FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ buttons. Recently, one of our users asked us that How to add a Reddit button in blogger to gain all potential traffic from it. Your users can upvote your posts to give you a high position on Reddit page, which could help you in getting some targeted traffic especially from the USA. In this article, we will show you how to add a Reddit button in blogger posts.

How to Add a Quick Edit Button in Blogger Posts

Time to time internet changes its trends and so as your old Blogger posts, but you realized it when people pings you about it via email or social media. What if you have to edit your Blogger posts, then you have to follow the normal routine step by going to the Blogger dashboard, search the posts from its title and then edit it. This will clearly take a percentage of time if you have what 100 posts to edit, but you can save your time by adding a Quick Edit button link in each post page.  In this article, we will be showing you how to add a Quick edit button in Blogger Posts.

2nd Anniversary of MyBloggerLab - The Year of Achievements

Dear MyBloggerLab Readers,

If you are from Pakistan, India or an Asian country, we are humbly pleased to wish you a very happy 5th of January. This date is very significant for me as we officially launched MyBloggerLab on this day in 2012. Yes a site that was a newborn baby 2 years ago have now become one of the leading and most popular Blogger Resource sites helping almost millions of users to bring awesomeness to their Blogger or BlogSpot site. This would not be possible without the die-heart support we got from our devoted readers who kept on visiting us on a daily basis when we were not even pushing new articles. I truly appreciate your comments, likes, tweets, Google +1s, each and everything that you guys have gone through to support us. There is no doubt, and I can proudly say “You Guys are AWESOME”.

How to Customize Image Lightbox in Blogger

Recently, we showed you how to disable image Lightbox, but we haven’t talked about a way to customize image Lightbox in blogger. Since, blogger is a flexible platform we can override the existing Lightbox Stylesheet to customize and make it look similar to your site. This gives you enough freedom to change the style of the Lightbox according to your desired needs. In this article, we will show you How to customize Image Lightbox in Blogger.

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