How to Correctly Ask for Blogger Support and Solve Issues

It is in our daily routine to help loads of people by providing them FREE Blogger support either through our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Profile or Contact us Form. However, some time due to the excessive questions a volunteer might get frustrated with new users who are coming up with the same questions which you have already covered in the past. On some second thoughts, we also know the emotion of a reader because we all were new to this filed at some point and we all needed some sorts of help from seniors. In this article, we will show you How to Correctly Ask for Blogger Support and Solve Issues?

How to Correctly Ask Questions? 

There are quite a few places to ask support for Blogger. You can either directly contact Blogger support by contacting them through contact form or you can interact with Blogger employees on their official product forum to get instant answers to your questions. However, before you could ask any question it is essential to know the right way of doing the job.

If your tone is not polite or you are speaking out in angry, then no one would ever going to reply to your queries. You pay NOTHING for using blogger, so least you should pay the developer some respect.
Before you could start asking your questions, it would be better if you can go through the FAQs. On the other hand, it would be best if you can Google the problem because some other person might have asked for a bit similar questions. It would save your time because you won’t have to wait to get your question answered.

While starting a new thread of Forum, you should sound sensible, clear, concise and respectful. Here is an immoral example of it:

Hey Mate, Your system is working just like a shit. I Tried XYZ things, but it does not seem to work. Do you guys have any time to help me with this shit? I wasted what X Hours in it. If you don’t know how things works, then please stop it right here, so people do not waste their time.

If you write your question in a harsh tone, then you will never get any answers. In fact, you might have to face some serious penalties may be a permanent ban from using Blogger from a specific account.

You should be familiar with that you are asking a guy that works for Blogger (Google) he possibly have done some serious work, the reason why he is there to help you out. The ideal way to show some respect is to list all those stuff you have done to solve your problem. By doing that you are actually letting them know that you have also done some hard work and are serious about resolving your issue. Here is the right way of asking questions:

Hi, I have been using Blogger for a couple of years, and it is a highly recommended platform for all beginners out there. I and facing an issue related with XYZ widget.

I am using XYZ Template

Here is the URL of my Blog:

I tried tweaking this:

I thought it would work like this:

However, I am facing this error:

Please let me know, what the matter is so that I can get my site back to normal. Your dear support would be really appreciated.

After reporting an issue, you might have to wait for a while because some time contributors are not online for your help. However, some fellow bloggers can also help you out by giving you advices that could be useful for you.

However, we are pretty sure that you will get a reply from a TOP contributor. They usually are extremely skillful and always tries there level best to provide you with most appropriate answers.


Blogger official support forum is something that is a place full of learning. If you have no questions to ask even, then try to spend quality time on forum helping others from your quality answers. This would help you to enhance your skills and get yourself promoted to the top contributors list.

Once you got satisfied we would recommend you to spread the words so that other users can also take advantage of this extremely efficient service. Last but certainly not the least, you can ask Blogger related questions by ask us using our twitter or our contact form.


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