Whats New In Google - Create Google Account Without Gmail

If you had tried to create a new Google account you had seen that when you visit Create New Account Page you realize that they had completely changed the looks of Google account registration form.Now if you register a new account with Google you will automatically get an Google Plus (Google +) account ready for you.So you don't need to do some extra efforts.

Until now creating  a  new Google Account was pretty much simple you could either use your  preexisting email address i.e Yahoo Mail,Hotmail and etc or you could create a new fresh GMail account to be a Google account holder but now Google has upgraded there registration form now What do you think? it is must for you to use GMail if you want to be a Google Account holder.

Discovering Whats New in Google:

Are you thinking Google Account is just for searching? if you are then your getting every thing wrong the biggest reason why Google is the most dominated website is due to its products which are in bulk.Every now and them Google keeps on making some innovation the reason why they are maintaining there top postion in the market.If you owns a Google Account then you could  take some great advantages of Google Products like Blogger , YouTube , Google Sites , Google Talk , GMail , Google Plus , Google Play (Android Market) , Publisher Tools , Webmaster Tools , Store , Chat  ,Picasa , Books , Documents , Google Adsense and the list will keep on going but the benefits of having a Google account would not end.

Why You Require GMail to Use Google Plus

Google has discovered that to increase there Google Plus user they don't required any magical portion they still owns some mighty products to make it big.The reason why when you will create a new account with GMail you would atomically get a Google Plus account.As currently Google has more then 300 Million GMail users this is the reason why I figure it out why they are including Google Plus in GMail to get more audience to Google Plus on every GMail account registration

Create Google Account Without GMail:

Do You Still thinking? Google has disabled Third party Email Address registration in Google Accounts Then you are making a mistake.As I told you previously Google Never remove those things which has some significance among users.You can still use Yahoo Emails , Hotmail Emails and etc to register your account in Google and could take advantages of its products like YouTube , Blogger and etc here is the link to old registration form

Unlike other website Google allow its user to use its products by signing into there Yahoo , MSN , AOL emails which is very much generosity of Google.So having a Google account has some handsome benefits.But if you want to use  Google Plus you will require GMail account.So in your opinion why Google is still turning towards other emails why not promoting GMail.If you are also in doldrums then wait for the next issue.Till then peace blessing and happy registering :)

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July 18, 2012 at 9:33 AM

Nice Sir

I Need This I Make Google Account Way Hotmail Id :)

Thanks For Share :)

July 10, 2016 at 7:40 AM

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