How To File A "DMCA Content Takedown Notice" - "Complain To DMCA"

Protecting our precious content from stealer's is one of the biggest headache of a modern publisher.Creating a unique  content is one of the most difficult task but copying the content is much easier.This is the biggest reason why many people likes stealing.On the other hand a publisher who had done all the hard work remains empty handed without any credits.These days copying content is becoming a trend which is followed by a large population available on the internet.

What usually Happens:You write a delightful post,in which you spend 2 to 3 days researching about the topic,collecting highlight about the topic,selecting correct words to express your talent,adding spice to the topic and hitting Publish button to get the credits which you richly deserved.And then the most disappointing times arrives when some one steals your content and copied it completely without changing a single word.

We should back ourself instead of keeping quite we need to rose up on this occasion.Buzz up the stealer by taking off your content from his blog and realizing him to stop stealing.

Following are the list of topics which we will discuss in this New Series. We highly Recommend you to check all the topics which are posted before proceeding to this post   

Following are the list of topics which we will discuss in this New Series:   
Protecting Your  Content 
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If you are among those publisher who are targeted very badly again and again.Then the time has arrived to show the content thief what they richly deserve.In our previous post we protected our entire blog with DMCA so here we will take one step forward to protect our content by taking the help of DMCA to file a content take down notification.

How To File A Content Take Down At

In order to file a content take down notification with you first need to register your website with DMCA which we did in our previous post Protect Entire Blog With DMCA Protection Badges.
  • So Now Go To and Login to your account
  • After Login Click on New Managed Takedown button
  • Now a new page will be opened which will ask few details about you and  the person who has stolen your content, just do as directed below

Takedown Details:

Stolen Content URL / Location *: In here you will insert the complete post URL of the website which had stolen your content i.e.

Where was it copied from?: In here you will insert the complete post URL of your website for which you are filing a counter attack to stealer i.e.

Describe what happened in detail *: In here you will describe the detailed information about your content and the person who has stolen you content.Here is a copy of a DMCA counter attack you can take is as an example
    With due respect I want you to turn your attention towards with crucial topic.Recently I published a new post on my Website and I am the true copyright owner of that post but within a week my content was stolen by an unknown guy.Having a good faith I asked him again and again to either remove the post or link it to it's original location.But he refused to answer me the reason why I am contacting DMCA to remove it Here is the URL of Original Post i.e. and here is the URL of the thief who has Stolen my copyrighted content i.e.

    I Hope you will try your best to restore my post by removing  my copyrighted  content from the thief's website.I am waiting for you response Thank You Very Much

    Original Copyright Owner

    • After filling out all of your required details you will check the following which indicates you are the original copyright owner of the content

     I swear under penalty of perjury that I have reasonable good faith belief that use of the material in the manner specified above is not authorized by me, the company I represent, its agents, or the law. The information provided herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I herby authorize to act as my/our non-exclusive agent for this copyright infringement notification process.

      • Now just Press Save Button and you are done
      Now just wait for few days you will receive an email from DMCA that  your copyrighted content have been removed.And now you are the only one who has the rights to post this content. You can also check the status of your Takedown by simply logging into your account

      From The Editors Desk:

      So that's how you can file a content takedown with it you usually gets 1 free take down per year but if you want multiple takedowns then you have to upgrade you account to PRO.But in comming days we will learn How we can complain Google about our copyrighted content.This is only for those who are using Blogger and another exciting thing about it is that it's  free you can complain to Google as much as you like so there is no limitations.Till then peace, blessings and happy take downing  

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      April 18, 2012 at 7:08 PM

      When will this google complaining thing will come into action. Every one is copying my blog posts. And they don't even giving me proper credits. My blog url
      I am using copyscape but the results are same.

      Editorial Team MOD
      April 19, 2012 at 12:47 AM

      @Adfly Income Tips- Adfly 'tips and tricks'

      Thanks Brother For Asking, Yes It will be Posted Soon don't worry.

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