The Best Trick To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is world's first and most popular microblogging website which enable users to broadcast the message in form of text up to 140 characters named it "Tweet".Twitter always prove it self a better place not only for well knows personalities but also for small publishers who had just started their journey towards blogging.Twitter is a free web based service which allow you to intact with your friends and family.But the main thing is followers how you will get tons of followers on twitter?.This is the main question which often comes in our minds.Its very difficult to get followers,you will only get followers on twitter on the basis of qualities and quantities.If you don't have followers then twitter is useless. Most of user spends lots of money in buying twitter followers which is against the policy and soon their twitter account is banned due to policy violence. So is their any legal way to get free twitter followers well don't worry today we will learn how to increase twitter followers in just one click.

1.What is twiends and How it works:
Twiends is a free platform where user increase their followers.To increase followers they have to earn points.they can earn points by following other or by referring their friends.You can list yourself by interests and country, and can find interesting people to follow and cool Twitter applications to use

2.Getting Started with
To increase twitter followers we will take help of a website which will increase our twitter followers go to the website and login with your twitter account.
3.Earning Points To Increase Twitter Followers: 
After you logged in to with your twitter account to have to follow others to earn points these points will help you to increase your followers.the more you earn points the more it will increase your followers.You could earn a maximum of 10 points and a minimum of 2 for following a person.After you have earned handsome amount of points now its time to get followers for your twitter account
4.Allocating Point To Get Followers:
To start getting followers you have to use your earned points.You have to select how much points you will give to the person who will follow you (in the same way you got the points by following others).To set up bidding rate go to Settings >> Modify options >> and set Offer seeds when someone follows you.The minimum bidding rate is 2 and maximum is 10

5.Earning More Points With Referrals to Increase Follower:
The More you earn the more you will get.So why not you refer it to your friends by referring each user you will earn 25 important points which will help you to increase your followers.To get your referring url go to 

From The Editor's Desk:
If you apply these steps correctly I am sure your twitter account would turned into a traffic machine which will generate tons of online traffic for your website.And this is totally legal way so don't worry it will not abuse any policies of twitter.


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February 6, 2012 at 10:54 PM

Gr8... bt i prefer youlikehits as it is very eay to understand anyway gr8 post...

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July 22, 2012 at 10:57 AM

Bro nice site but mostly users unfollow you after a week
Try new method
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February 1, 2016 at 4:56 AM

mostly are bots in this site, they will follow for sure, but after for sometime they unfollow our id

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