How We Can Use Yahoo Answers To Build Traffic And Backlinks For Your Website

Yahoo the second most important search engine after Google.It has great importance on internet,yahoo has many services to facilitate there users.Yahoo Answer is one of it's best services,it help users to get lethal answers but the story does not ends here.If you use Yahoo Answer intelligently you can get desirable result for your website.Yahoo answer could be useful to increase traffic and it can also build important backlinks for your website.So today we will learn How We Can Use Yahoo Answers To Build Traffic For Your Website

Important Instruction Before Getting Started:
Yahoo Answer is the top most online Community where millions of user ask question regarding their problems.On answering question you earn points and move to different levels from 1 to 7.You must read the Community guideline before to get started to prevent your account from banning,facing any penalty 

1.Getting Important Traffic For Your Website:
Firstly you must have Yahoo email id,if you don't have yahoo email simply go to and sigh up.Then go to and login to with your yahoo email account.Now search for question related to your website niche 
For example: if your website is about Blogger tips search for blogger tips and you will get the question ask by user's.Now chose the question which you can answer.On answering the question you can insert your website url and could ask user's to visit your website in order to solve there problem.And you can also insert your website url as source of your answer to build important backlinks

2.Building Backlinks For Your Website:
When you start your journey on Yahoo Answers the links you insert in answers are not click able.To make then click able you must be on level 2.In order to reach Level 2,you must answer the question for each answer you will get 1 point and in the same way each visit per day you will get 1 point.If your answer got selected for best answer by asker then you will be awarded with 5 points.When you reach level 2 the links you have inserted will automatically become Click able (HTML Links).In this way you will be able to build important backlinks for your website from yahoo (world most leading search engine) More importantly these backlinks are dofollow

3. Attaching Audience From Yahoo Answers:
You should only answer the question related to your website niche.if you able to answer most of the questions related to your website niche.It could increase your website traffic a lot because most of user would come to your website on daily bases to find solution about there its most important to gave lethal answers to drive traffic big time

From The Editors Desk:
So i hope you would use these tips to increase your website traffic,keep in mind don't post website url's in every comments at yahoo answer it would be considered as spam so you must play intelligently.If you need any help i am here to help you so feel free to communicate  

The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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