How We Can Use Yahoo Answers To Build Traffic And Backlinks For Your Website

Yahoo the second most important search engine after Google.It has great importance on internet,yahoo has many services to facilitate there users.Yahoo Answer is one of it's best services,it help users to get lethal answers but the story does not ends here.If you use Yahoo Answer intelligently you can get desirable result for your website.Yahoo answer could be useful to increase traffic and it can also build important backlinks for your website.So today we will learn How We Can Use Yahoo Answers To Build Traffic For Your Website

2012's Top 5 SEO Plugin For Wordpress to increase Traffic

The World of internet Consist of More then million's of Web Blog's.To establish your self in the town of blogging you should have a good strategy to attract visitor.If you think you can achieve your goal by spreading your blog to your friends,family,then your goal of ruling the internet is far from near.You could only dominate the town of internet if you get thousand of visitor's on daily bases.To get the visitors you have to attract high quality search engines like Google,Yahoo,Msn and etc.In other words we can say you have to improve your (SEO).To increase your SEO there are several method but one of the effective way is to use SEO plugin's.WordPress is the only Blogging Platform which allow to work freely unlike other's.Blogger is one of giant name but it does not provide liberty to it's user,this is the reason why lot's of user prefer WordPress and are converting their Blogger blog's to WordPress.But one of the most important reason for the conversion is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) WordPress provide lot's of plugin's which provide convenience to Blog owner's.WordPress contain lots of SEO plugin but we have selected Best top 5 SEO plugin's For WordPress

How To Add Anchor Text (HTML Links) In Blogger Comment Form

Blogger is the most dominated platform,just because it is own by Google Inc so it's importance is very high.To make it's importance count you have to be good.You have to use it in an intelligent manner.Blogger play's important role towards Search engine optimization (SEO) if you use it cleverly you will get best results.But how you use Blogger to increase your SEO.Simply by using blogger comment form you can link your website and can build an important backlink for your website but Blogger comment form does not allow link so you have to do little effort to make this work.Anchor text is much better then a simple Html link.Anchor text is considered important by SEO Bots.So in this we will learn How To Add Anchor text in blogger comment form

Adding A Small Facebook Page Like Button Widget In Blogger

Facebook is one of the most demanding and most used social networking website,currently it is ranked 2nd in the whole world of internet.Its ranking tell us its importance most of user use Facebook to communicate with there friends and family while some user use it to build there website community on Facebook and get important Backlinks.But if you want to gain good backlinks from Facebook page,your Facebook page should have some like's to increase it's page rank normally about 500 to 600 like's can gave your Facebook Page PR of 3 to 4 which is not bad at all.How To increase your Facebook like's in Bulk.So today we will add a Small Facebook Page Like Box,the reason why we are adding small like box is to save your website speed if you use normal Facebook like box it is much heavy and it eats website speed.Simply follow the steps to add a small Facebook Like Button

Polish Your Blogging Skills To Become a Professional Blogger (PART 1)

Blogging one of the most skill full and most demanding term of internet world. Per year thousands of mini Blogger's launch their website but they soon realize their is lack of guidance.This is the reason why lots of mini blogging sites are closing very quickly.So it's better you should look back and think where you did mistakes one of the biggest mistakes publisher do they don't build unique content which make their website low maturity the reason why search engine don't crawl these site's to increase your ranking you must look for good content,its better to write less but to write good.Blogger can make or break your life,off course you earn money by doing blogging but to become a good blogger you should know what your audience want.Here is the guide line which will take you in the list of successful blogger's

SOPA And PIPA Hammered over Filepost and Filesonic Affiliate System Closed

In the latest news related to Sopa and Pipa after was banned all internet even wikipedia protested against SOPA And PIPA.Now this will make it lot worse for user's FBI Closed Filesonic Affiliate system yesterday (23-1-2012) due to which you can not download any files from Filesonic until it is uploaded by you.If you try to download any files at Filesonic which is not uploaded by you then you will get the following message:

SOPA and PIPA Would Eliminate Internet's Freedom

The main aim of  SOPA (STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT) And PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) is to stop one of the biggest cyber crime on internet and that is online piracy.Basically it is a bill which was passed by Us Government,just after 1 hour Lots of anonymous hacker's launched tons of attacks on the all time popular free file hosting website and soon after few days was banned by FBI now this website is no longer accessible.if you visit you will get this message from FBI.Here is the copy of the FBI warning

Splitting Your Header Section into two different parts in Blogger

Usually a header consist of the company logo but now a days it is used as an important place where people use to put there advertisement.Some of the Blogger templates has this feature.Commonly it is a simple container which can contain 2 widgets at one time one after the other side by side normally it consist of your logo and advertisement or etc.So please but your attention towards this tutorial carefully,don't worry its not very difficult to splitter your header but it needs your little attention because templates are differently coded but the method remains the same

Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Bulk For Free

This article is updated by Syed on August 26,2012 and it is correct and works perfectly.

Facebook is the only social networking site which is ranked among the top 10 websites. Its Global rank is 2, so its reputation is extraordinary on the web. To become a success full publisher you should have your own Facebook community page, it’s not only vital but play significant role in building traffic as well as the backlinks. On the other hand, it is extremely straightforward to create your own community page on Facebook but to establishing it is a difficult task. Most of the publisher had a common problem they are unable to increase their likes. You can ask your Online Friends, Family or even unknown persons to like your page, but by doing this your page is revolving around similar peoples. Today we will be discussing the true technique that could bring Bulks of Facebook Like without doing any work whatsoever. 

Using Feedburner to Create your Own Website Feeds

We All know Feedburner is a web feed management provider which was launched in 2004,it was launched to help webmaster in managing there feeds (Basically your posts).While most of the webmaster's don't know its importance so its better to create your own website feeds powered by feedburner,as feedburner is lot easier then other feed services.Blogger is the only platform which provide built-in feeds but it's better to create a new one by your self.FeedBurner not only burns your feeds but it will help you to spread your content to your Feed Subscriber They can also select on which platform they want to see your feeds.So let's start the process of building your own  Rss Feeds

Adding a elegant Rss Email Subscription Widget Box to Blogger

Rss Feed play's important role in increaseing the website/blogs traffic.Most of the blog owner's use it as a machine which generates traffic for them.Creating a Rss Feed Subscription box is smart move.If your website/blog Content is of good quality then Rss Feed Subscription Box will not let you down.Usually reader's and user's subscribe to your blog via email to get your blog's latest updates straightly into there inbox.Setting Up A Rss Feed Email Subscription Widget is not very difficult it is very simple,you don't need any sort of training.You create your own Rss Feed in simple steps but before that you should have a Rss Feed for your blog,if you don't have Rss Feed For your Blog Go Here to Learn How You Can Burn Your Blog Feed In Feedburner.Now let us start working

Create a Stylish Toolbar For your Website/Blog For Free

These days toolbars play essential role to increase website traffic,most of the blog's and website's are introducing new functions in there toolbar to make the community more success full.While low maturity website's and blog's are not getting too much out of it so is first time introducing how you can make your own toolbar to engage your visitors.By making toolbar it will not only provide your website with traffic but it can also earn you some money.Now you are thinking making a toolbar is a tough task,it might need some coding? but now a days' it is possible to make hight quality toolbar without learning any coding 

Adding Auto Ping Widget In Blogger For Better SEO

Pinging means a lot in search engine optimization when ever you ping your website/blog it alert the search engine bots to visit you website/blog.This not only increase your bots crawling but also it could rank your website high in search engines,so if you add a ping now widget to your blog/website there is a very high chance that your visitors might ping your website which will help you in improving your site's ranking.Adding a Ping Now widget is very simple just you have to add a Html Code and you are done so let us start adding

Adding Meta Tag Description and Keyword To Blogger Template

Blogger is one of the most used platform in 21st century but on the other hand it have some problems most of the blogger template are not well optimized for Search Engine Optimization,you have to work hard to improve your title tags in blogger.Usually Blogger template is not well optimized with keywords and meta tags which does not play important role any more but to make a website look good you have to optimized it today i will show you how you can add Meta tag Discription and Meta tag keywords in your blogger template follow the steps as shown bellow

2012's Best High Page Rank Dofollow Blog's Updated Latest

Backlinks are most important part of Search engine optimization.About 80% of SEO depends upon backlinks,if you don't have good amount of backlinks your website/blog will not rank well in search engines.So keeping it in mind we follow different ways of building backlinks some of us use different directories to build backlinks while some use forums.But the easiest and the most important part of building backlinks is do-follow commenting it still works but you have to make sure it is with your niche,its very important to post your link only on that website which is related to your niche.So for you I have collected the year 2012's one of the best High page rank do-follow blog,so you can easily build backlinks here is the list

Adding a Sliding Back to Top Button Widget to Blogger

Scrolling/Sliding Back to top Button widget will make your website more user friendly as it will directly take your user's to the top of the page smoothly.They don't need to scroll by them self with the help of mouse and sliding bar on right side.All they have to do is to click on a button and they will reach the top of the page it will not only safe the time of the user's but also make them comfortable and the compatibility of the website will be increased.Most of user would love this widget as they scroll back to top with lot of without wasting any much of time let us start working.adding it is as simple as writing A B C.

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