10 Best Responsive Blogger Templates of 2015

With the recent years, the productivity of Blogger templates has improved a lot. Nowadays, the features and functionalities being used in Blogger templates are enriched with high quality design and professional codes that providing far better results than Google’s default blogger templates. For this improvement, the credit goes to the third-party blogger template developers who keep on developing templates every day, every month, every year. Today in this article, we will show you 10 Best Blogger Templates of 2015.

How to Insert Images in Blogger Sidebar

Most of us already know adding images to Blogger posts or creating an image gallery in blogger is as simple as you like. However, have you ever thought about adding an image in the sidebar widget of your Blogger site? Recently, we were asked by one of our reader at our Facebook fan page that how to add images to Blogger Sidebar Widgets? You can use the same technique to display affiliate image advertisements on the sidebar of your site. In this article,f we will show you how to insert images in blogger sidebar widget.

5 Awesome PayPal Alternatives for Freelancer Blogger

eCommerce has overtaken majority of physical  market with everything is being sell at online eStores as transactions of millions of dollars happening on daily basis with the help of different  online shopping stores. Having said that, PayPal is one of the most popular payment barriers as it holds the major share in the industry.

Though, PayPal has expanded the services to provide more set of features to its customers. However, PayPal has some problems Like, most of the developing countries don’t support PayPal that is the reason why people are looking for an alternative that could be a good replacement of PayPal. Therefore, today in this article, we will showcase 5 awesome PayPal Alternatives for Freelancer Bloggers.

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