Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates of 2014

If you're creating a new blog on blogger, then need a template that is optimized for search engines and attractive as well. Most Blogger templates are designed for simple blogs that doesn't have great many features to build a blog that is gives you fairly good ranking in search engines. Its right to choose a template that has a lot of fancy features but what if it is not optimized for Search engines or SEO? Today, in this article, we will showcase Best SEO Friendly blogger templates of 2014.

Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm Update (May 21st, 2014)

Today Google's Matt cutts shocked the whole blogosphere by posting a tweet on twitter confirming about release of the new Google Panda 4.0 update. According to early updates, it is been seen that people are seeing a major decrease in their organic traffic. And if we are not wrong, this is just the beginning of the update it might be more deadly for the whole blogging community. Therefore, today in this article, we will be discussing about the recent changes that has come to Google search engine due to the new Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm update.

How to add CSS hover effect to images in blogger

Images bring life to content but do they really attract your visitors? Adding a nice CSS hover effect to your images could bring engagement benefits to your blog. Recently one of our users asked us that how to add CSS hover effect to images in blogger? There are many CSS hover effect available that could be applied with ease to your blogger site. Today, in this article we will show you how to add CSS hover effect to images in blogger.

How to Automatically Remove Spam links from Blogger Comments

Fighting against comment spam is among the most frustrating job for a blogger, especially when you don’t have enough money to hire a comment moderator that trashes the spam comments while publishing all the useful comments to your blog. Obviously you don’t want to delete your all comments just for the sake of few spam ones? Since, Blogger doesn’t have a real-time comment spam detection plugin the reason why we have to implement some techniques to make sure that spam comments are staying away from our blogger site. Today, in this article, we will show you How to Automatically Remove Spam links from Blogger Comments.

How to Upload or Install Template in Blogger

Blogger is among the foremost CMS platform powered by Google that offers hassle free blogging tools to its publishers for absolutely free. You don’t have to spend money in buying expensive web hosting servers to kick-start a blog. With Blogger, all you need to do is to sign up to with your Google account and you are good to publish your blog. However, every blog needs a trendy, professional and high quality design that not only appeals visitors, but also Search engines. Blogger supports XML web templates, you can create or upload your own, or there are tons of websites available that provided FREE XML Blogger Templates like Templateism. Today in this article, we will show you How to upload or Install Template in Blogger.

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