Adding a Dashing Subscribe Now Box to Blogger

Usually a Subscribe Now box is for user's it provide user's facilities they can get all the updates related to the blog directly into there inbox so adding a Subscribe Box is not only useful for a user but also for a publisher.By using Rss Feed,Email Subscription,Facebook Like and etc you can  increase your blog's Traffic big time.This is the reason why we will today add a Dashing Subscribe Now Box to your Blogger Enabled blog before adding it.You should know what it will posses 

How to Delete All Yahoo Emails in Seconds Simple Steps

We all use different emails services Yahoo is the one which is mostly used all around the world,the main reason of using it is to communicate with your friends and family.We also need email address when we are registering our self on a website i.e Facebook and etc.Most of the user's use email as an advertising agent,they registered them self on large website due to which they get thousands of emails in a day but they don't know how to get rid of those emails so today i will show you how you all can delete all your bulk emails from your inbox in 2 to 3 minutes

Adding Search Box Widget in Blogger Simple Steps

There days Blogger is the only website builder which is highly recommanded by the users as well as the publisher just because it is easy to use no need to learn coding.php and other things And because it is own by Google so its easy to ranked well in Google that did not means it does not need some Search engine optimization Tips.But today we will add a search engine in Blogger while most of the template have this widget built-in but some old template does not have this.This widget will not only make your website user friendly but also increase your traffic as your content will reach its desirable audience by search widget.So let us get started,let me tell you the steps are very simple so you don't need any training in terms of php or Etc 

Tracking Live visitors on Blogger with their ip address Location Widget and more

Getting your visitors attached to your blog is a great task for a publisher.But if the publisher even don't know what the visitors are up to then what the publisher will do.So keeping in mind when we use blogger platform to do blogging.We are unable to get the live visitors stats.Its very important to know when and from where user's are visiting your site.Blogger it self don't offers live visitors stats so we have to add it manually we will just add javascript which will give us very own live visitor stats.Which contain information about 

Biggest and Best List of High Page Rank Forums 100+ Dofollow

Backlinks are incoming links to the website it means how much of your website urls are linked to other website.It indicate your popularity to the bots of the search engines due to which your  website is ranked high in the search engine result.Forums are the key now a days to build quality backlinks while its becoming difficult to make backlinks.Forum is becoming easiest way to build backlinks.We have collected a list of high page rank forums you can easily increase your backlinks

Using High Page Rank Forums Posts To Build Backlinks After Panda Update

Backlinks are one of the major thing for the popularity of the Blog/Website Here are the few steps which we have previously Discussed which contain How to improve your Backlinks.But after the Latest Google Update named as Google Panda Update its quite difficult for the publishers to improve there website Backlinks.Now we cannot make backlinks by link exchanging and comment posting there are the basics ways to make backlinks which are now not consider as backlinks after the latest Google Panda Update but still there are many ways by which we can increase our backlinks one of the most important thing is forums.

Adding Numbered Page Navigation In Blogger With Labels Optimized For Navigation

Having a user-friendly Blogger Template is one of the most significant parts of a blog. Whenever, a visitor arrive on a website he didn't care about anything, but all he want is highly professional experience. As we all know, Blogger Navigating system sucks because it lacks a lot. It has three buttons through which users navigate Older, and Newer Posts. For that reason, we have coded a delightful navigating system which will complement each and everyone’s blog. It is numbered navigating system. If anyone is fed-up from his navigating system then today in this article, we will be sharing a technique through which anyone can easily get rid of his old navigating system, and can easily add numbered page navigation.

Improving Blogger Title Tags For Better Search Engine Optimization

Blogger is becoming one of the most important platform for the blog writer as it posses greater value in the search.It is important that blog owner should optimize there blogger template for better and improved title tags .While most of the Blogger template have this feature Built in but old templates of blogger does not have this important feature.This optimization will for sure improve not only your traffic but there is higher chances to be ranked high in the search engine result.While most of user have already done this to improve there traffic.Optimizing title tag in Blogger template give a better idea to the crawler (Bots) the reason why your title tag will be publish better then it was previously publishing i may not guaranty that your traffic will be increase in day after change it will take time but i am sure you will get the desirable traffic according to the ability of your content

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