Official Google Panda #22 Algorithm Update: November 21

Are you seeing a significant decrease in your organic traffic? Does a one believe that it is due to the Google Panda algorithm? If yes then, his six senses is bang on target. There were some rumors going around in the Blogosphere about the Panda 22th algorithm which was later on declined by Google. However, on this occasion they have officially confirmed that Panda 22th is finally updated. The Google Panda#22 affected around 0.8% of queries in English all across the globe which proves that it wasn’t a foremost update. On the other hand, many of the webmaster saw a slight decline in their traffic. Today in this article, we will be discussing more about Panda#22 Algorithm and would wrap-up the article with some unique tips.

How To Add Google+ Follower Gadget in WordPress Blog

Yesterday, Google introduced yet another Google+ perk, the Google+ Follower widget for Blogger Platform. The main idea behind this new gadget is to build a strong relationship between views and the Blog owners so they can easily interact either via Google+ Stream on the blog. This is the reason why this widget is highly appreciated by all the bloggers community because it has the spark that a perfect widget demands. On the other hand, WordPress users were a bit disappointed because this widget can only be applied to Blogger Enabled websites. However, now WordPress Users can cheer with joy because today in this article, we will share a simplest technique that How to Add Google+ Follower Gadget in WordPress Enabled Websites.

How To Add Google+ Followers Widget in Blogger Blogs

Within one year, Google Plus has overtaken other social networking platforms by a fare large margin. If we see the statistics of the recent year 2012, then the facts are pretty much clear that Google+ is way ahead than others. Therefore, connecting your blog with Google Plus is an ideal way of magnetizing more new readers, as well as building a strong relationship with your followers. For Example, when a person shared his post on Google+ then, it will send messages to all the followers about that latest post which will increase the viewership. For that reason Today, Google officially released yet another Google plus Perk: The follower gadget (only for BlogSpot enabled websites). Today in this article, we will learn more about the Google+ Follower Gadget and will also learn how to integrate it in our Blogger site.

How To Add Christmas Snow Fall Effect in Blogger Blogs

Christmas the much awaited festival will soon knock on the doors of Bloggers and the entire world. Therefore, it is the time everyone should forget about their all concerns and start to decorate their blogs with awesomeness. Does anyone wishes to decorate their site with falling Snowflakes? If yes then, Christmas Eve would be an ideal time to show up some skills and amuse the readers by adding an animated snow falls to your blog. Now, few people might be thinking that, how we can create animated snowfall without even learning web developing. This is the reason why today in this article, we will be sharing a technique which anyone can apply on their blogs in order to display Animated Falling snow flakes with thunderstorm. Doesn’t that exciting? Indeed it is.

How To Write Fresh Original Content & Avoid Plagiarism

It’s been a while now since my last Articles was on aired at MBL. However, this gap gave me a chance to visit the blogs of our valuable readers and fellows. On the other hand, it was extremely disappointing to see that many of them are reproducing the same content with minor modifications in it. Even the post on ‘Blogging tips’ consist of the same original content, decent grammar, add humor tips without any clear direction. Everyone advises others to produce the original high quality content, but no one tells that, ‘where to get the original content from?’ This post is an in-depth strategy that a person can effortlessly follow whenever he wants to harvest a brilliant piece of content.

How To Create Floating Older and Newer Post Buttons in Blogger

Are you frustrated because of High bounce rate? Does a visitor spend much lesser time on a website? All these mind wobbling questions may prove out to be a nightmare for bloggers. Though, we have previously discussed that High Bounce rate doesn’t affect websitecredibility, but it doesn’t mean that it is useless or worthless. Repeatedly, many Blogger users’ complaints about High Bounce rate, but this matter is mysterious because the functionalities of Blogger Platform are not that excessive. This is the reason why Blogger users always have to count on external sources. To help a webmaster in Reducing Bounce rate and increasing the time spend by a visitor on a website we have coded an awe-inspiring Widget, that would make Blogger’s OLDER and Newer Post Button scrollable. Today in this Article, We will be learning How To Create Floating Older & Newer Posts Buttons in Blogger.

How To Add Social Buttons With Hover Effects In Blogger

As we all are well aware of the fact that, Google is playing foremost role is killing all the traffic of a website by rolling out back to back algorithm updates. Due to which, almost 50 percent of bloggers are trying to utilize social networking websites to boost their traffic. For that reason recently, we released Floating Social Media tab widget which proved to be the greatest hit of all time. Since, it’s the Thanks Giving weekend, so we decided to share yet another fabulous looking social buttons that will add a new life to your blog. It is sleek and stylish plus it has entire new look which will attract readers. So today, in this article we will be sharing How to Add Social Buttons with Hover Effects in Blogger.

Top 10 Best Fiverr Alternatives For Freelancers

Those days were down and dusted when people use to search for “Fresh Methods of Making Money Online” because, at the present time it is tremendously easier to earn through different freelancing websites. There are numberless Freelancing websites, which provides heaps of opportunities to Freelancers i.e. Elance, Freelancer, Odesk and etc. However, The Ideal Freelancing website for part-timers is Fiverr it has a unique concept which makes it the finest freelancing website. Fiverr gives a chance to every single person to earning quick bucks, but the biggest problem with them is that a person could only earn $5 (excluding the commissions) per gig. For some highly-skilled person, it is not enough. Fortunately, there are many Fiverr alternatives that provide flexibility to its users. People can select their own Rates without any hesitation whatsoever. Today in this article, we will be sharing a list of Best Fiverr alternatives.

How To Change Width/Height of Popular Post Thumbnails in Blogger

Few days’ a go a user messaged me on Facebook that, he wants to resize Blogger popular post thumbnails. This is not the first time we have received a request from our reader, so we decided to write a detailed tutorial on it. Firstly, we thought that it is not possible but later while playing with a bit of XML Coding we were able to change the size of Popular post thumbnails. To be honest, we were surprised to see that it was so straightforward to resize Thumbnails. Therefore, today in this tutorial we will be sharing a million dollar technique through which anyone can modify the Widget/height of the popular post thumbnails in blogger.

Does Google Panda #22 Update is under Progress?

Not Even 10 days have passed since the Last Panda 21 Update, but still there are lots of rumors going around in the blogosphere about the Panda 22th Update. Last Friday on 16th of November, Lots of chatters started a discussion about another Panda Update. At that time, we ignored it because the algorithm was just refreshed few days back. However, today while we were checking our Traffic statistics, it was pretty fascinating because we saw a significant increase in our organic traffic on the same Date (16, November) when the discussion about the New Algorithm update took place. Today in this article, we will take a look at few evidences and will also discuss more on this unconfirmed Algorithm update.

How To Create Floating Social Tabs Widget in Blogger

Do you want to convert your Visitors into Social Followers? Well, it is the dream of every blogger to get as many social followers they can. Mostly they use different services to buy Real Social Networking Fans, but those fans neither Comment or like any status updates. Therefore, the ideal way to convert new visitors into Social Followers is to utilize Different Social Networking widgets so anyone can easily use them without any hesitation whatsoever. On the other hand, by adding lots of Social Widgets it could affect the speed of a website. Keeping that in mind, Our MBL Developers have created a Remarkable Widget that has all the Popular Social Networking websites. Sounds great? Indeed. Today in this Tutorial, we will integrate Social Media Tabs in Blogger Enabled Website.

How To Declare Website Language With HTML in Blogger

Do you want to declare a Default Language of your website? When a person is creating an international website, then it is significant to describe its language either using HTML or XML Attributions. On the other hand, it also helps in Search Engine Optimization because by declaring a Language, Search engine Algorithms won’t have to spend much time in studying and detecting its language manually. Though most of the popular Blogging platforms have built-in language declaration functionality, but Blogger Platform is not a robust platform. Therefore, we have to manage things manually by adding XML or HTML Language attributions. In this article, we will be learning how a person can declare language of a website with the help of HTML Coding. 

Blogger Releases New and Improved Official Mobile Apps

Inspiring ideas for a new post can happen at anytime, anywhere and any place. What would happen if a person is working in his office, sitting on his couch, doing shopping or even playing games and all of a sudden he got a miraculous idea for his new post? Luckily, we have the power of mobile devices that enable a blogger to stay connected with his site. Keeping that in mind, Google developers have launched a much awaited update to their Mobile Apps for both Android and IOS. Everyone was anxiously waiting for an update because the previous versions of the applications were unable to amuse the blogger users. Today in this article, we will be reviewing Blogger’s Official App for mobile users. 

According To Google "What is High Quality Content?"

What is Quality Content? How Google analyze a page and give it a tag of Quality Content? To be honest, this is the one question which is over and over again asked by site owners and webmasters. Before, Panda Algorithm update there was no concept of quality article. This is the reason why in the past it was extremely straightforward to get high SERP Ranking. However, nowadays only those sites ranked well who have highly professional quality content. Since then, almost all webmasters are searching for the accurate meaning of quality content, but the blogosphere shares a mixture of facts which confuse lots of new bloggers. For that reason, all these mind boggling questions would be answered today in this article. 

Does High Bounce Rate is Bad for Website's Credibility?

Do you still think High Bounce rate websites have no future? If yes, then think one more time. This is one of the biggest myths created by fellow Pro Bloggers to waste Newbies talent and time in uneventful activities. Bounce rates could affect your credibility only if the average visit duration is on a lower side. Other than that, having a website with High Bounce rate has no harm whatsoever. However, few people consider it as a deadly act for SEO, but it has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization.  This is the reason, why today we will be replying to a million dollar question that Whether a Blogger Should Worry about a High Bounce Rate website or not?

Top 10 Popular Blog Niches To Earn More Money in 2012

Those days are part of the past when people dreamed to become Rich. In this day and age, there are numberless ways through which even a teenager can make money online. However, the most prominent way of earning heaps of dollars is to write and communicate your voice to the whole world. We have named that term as a “BLOG” because it’s a place where people not only share their personal experiences and expertise but also generate fair about of revenue from it. However, many Bloggers are unaware of the fact that which category (NICHE) will bring heaps of Dollar to them.  Therefore, before a person starts Blogging its essential to study Popular Blog topics that are trending in the blogosphere. In this article, we will be sharing Top 10 Popular Blog Niches that will Bring More Revenue in 2012.

What is Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network? How To Apply

Are you Fed-up of Google AdSense because of their cruel behavior with its Publishers? Are you looking for a perfect Google AdSense Alternative that provides maximum earning opportunities to Publishers? If yes, then Yahoo and Bing have signed a legal contract with to provide a pure and user-friendly Contextual Ads experience to those webmasters who are willing to join their Program. Currently this service is still under observation (Beta testing). Therefore, it is not unwrapped for public. However, any one even a small publisher can request an invite, and if his website fulfilled criteria then the publisher has the liberty to place Advertisements on his website (Just like Google AdSense and BuySellads).  In This article, we will discuss more on Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads and will also learn how a publisher can apply for it.

How To Add Tabbed Email Subscription Box In Blogger

Do you want to convert your Readers into Followers by letting them subscribe to the website’s Feed? Let us assume that someone arrived on your website. Ongoing through the website’s content the visitor loved its quality, so he decided to subscribe to the website, but soon he realized that there is no way of doing that. In this situation, a Webmaster loses lots of potential subscribers. Therefore, it is essential to display all the available subscribing opportunities so that a visitor can easily select his favorite social platform and start getting updates directly into his Inbox. Thanks to MBL Developers, who have coded an ideal Tabbed Subscription Widget that is sleek and has all the subscribing options that a webmaster needs. Today we will be sharing a Stylish Tabbed Subscription Box to Blogger.

Official Google PageRank Update on November 2012

After waiting more than four months finally webmasters along with Blogger can smile because Google has rolled out the Last Foremost PageRank update of the year 2012. As soon as the month of November got underway, the hearts of webmasters were overflowing with enthusiasm because they were expecting an enormous increase in the Page Rank keeping in mind the number of backlinks they have created. However, Google prove itself to be the greatest villain of the internet yet again by pushing Panda 21th Update that literally killed all the passion which was revolving in the blogosphere. According to our sources, PageRank update is still under progress because lots of websites saw an increase in the PageRank of internal pages while the PageRank of Home Page remains unchanged. Today we will answer some priceless questions about PageRank.

Google Panda #21 Algorithm Update on November 5th

All webmasters were anxiously waiting for a Page Rank Update, but Google did totally reverse by throwing out a taunting Panda 21th Algorithm Update. Since, the previous 20th Panda algorithm was rolled out on 4th September, so it is an ideal time to witness yet another refresh. This new 21th Panda Refreshment affects around 0.4% search queries for a normal visitor. However, USA users will get some extraordinary treatment because for them around 1.1% of search queries are affected. It seems to be a minor refresh because it hardly affected less than 0.5% search quires worldwide. Today we will discuss more about the 21th Panda update. Towards the end of this article, as always we will provide some unique but splendid tips to recover from any Algorithms.

How To Combine Images Into CSS Sprites To Increase Blog Speed

Do you know what does the CSS Sprites mean? Do you understand them? The name might prove out to be a little bit misleading because sprites are not small size pictures as you might be thinking. A sprite is a real large image that has different types of pictures in one image file. Still confused? Have you ever noticed an image which changes its color whenever someone hovers over it? We call that functionality CSS Sprites. Adding numberless pictures into a single image file and then combining it into CSS Sprites could surely boost the speed of a website. Now a person might be thinking that Combining Images into Sprites would be extremely complicated. However, it’s not that much difficult. Today we will discuss How to Combine Images into Sprites to reduce load time.

How To Add Recent Tweets Widget In Blogger

Do you want to create a recent tweets widget that displays all the tweets you received from others? It will not only increase your Social exposure, but readers will also take benefits from it. This widget is not like our previous Twitter Slider. Though, the functionality is almost identical, but the styling is entirely different. This Live Tweet widget displays all the recent tweets that a person receives on a certain Twitter username. This widget works on JavaScript and with the help of Twitter API it derives all the tweets, then with the help CSS StyleSheet it becomes a perfect Live Tweets widget. In this article, we will be sharing a Recent Tweets widget for Blogger users, but WordPress users can also implement it on their websites.

How To Get a Dofollow Backlink From Pinterest?

As Page Rank update is nearing, all the webmasters are busy in creating Backlinks expecting that Google will award them with a precious Page Rank. One of the best ways of creating Backlinks is to link your website on different social networking platforms. It has become a trend because it is one of the easiest ways of building backlinks without any hesitation whatsoever. However, the only problem we discovered in most of Social networking website (including Facebook, Google plus and even twitter) is that they assign a nofollow attribution to external links. Therefore, it doesn’t pass the Page Rank Juice entirely. Keeping everything a Side, Pinterest has recently introduced a Verified website functionality that gives a Dofollow backlink to a certain website. Therefore, today we will learn How a Person can get a Dofollow backlink from Pinterest or How to verify your website on Pinterest. 

Add CSS3 Rounded Border Wrap To Blogger Templates

Do you want to renovate your Blogger Template by adding a Cool CSS3 Round Border to it? Though, Blogger is not famous for its customizing and optimizing but still we can make a masterpiece with it.  Everyone loves simplicity, but it is essential to have a spotless theme that reflects professionalism. By adding Round border to blogger template, a person adds more spice to his blog. Moreover, he can even add multiple backgrounds that will surely amuse his readers. Therefore, after receiving lots of requests from our readers today finally we are sharing our CSS3 Rounded Border Wrap for Blogger enable websites.

How To Install WordPress on Localhost Using Microsoft Web Platform Installer

How To Install WordPress on LocalHost
Before, a newbie starts a WordPress blog it’s essential to learn its functionality so he can make use of its features pretty effortlessly. Those who purchase a Hosting and Domain for the sake of learning WordPress are wasting their money, because they can host a WordPress blog on their own personal computer without spending a single piece of penny. Nowadays we have the power of delightful software that allows a person to install WordPress or any other platform locally on his computer. Moreover, all such software is free of cost so it cannot get better than that. Therefore, it’s essential that first a person should experience WordPress locally because there is nothing to lose but lot to gain. After experiencing each and every function of WordPress, then a person is unrestricted to purchase Hosting as well as domain and can start his Dream blog. Today we will learn How to Install WordPress Blog Locally on a Personal Computer with the Help of Microsoft Platform Installer. 

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