How To Add Syntax Highlighter v3 in Blogger Blogspot

Stylizing your blog or website is extremely beneficial and has massive significance as it not only attract users but also looks neat and clean, mostly blogger and webmaster spends tons of bucks in stylizing and customizing their blog’s design which is indeed an upright move. When blogger provides codes in their blog they usually provide in the normal way, normal text writing that we usually do, “code is not text” we need to stylize it and also make it more prominent different from our plain text. To resolve the issues, we have introduced a Syntax Highlighter which is exceedingly popular in WordPress but now you have the luxury of using this splendid tool in Blogger BlogSpot blog.

What is Google Fiber? High Speed 1000 Mbps Internet For Free

Do you ever imagine that your internet connection’s speed can boost up to 1000 Mbps? Still tons of homes and offices are using sluggish internet with about 512 Kbps, which not only waste their time but also slowdown the frequency of working. For Bloggers and Webmasters, internet is the workstation if it is lacking in terms of speed then the chances are extremely high that our competitors might leave us behind. Google has a reputation of introducing stunning products thus they are continuing their streak, and has up their sleeves with yet another Powerful service called Google Fiber. Google Fiber is first Ultra-high speed internet service which says, “It will make your internet connection 100 times faster”. This service is new but still it has created a massive impact on the internet and everyone is going gaga about Google Fiber. So today, we will look into Google Fiber and will discuss how it can boost our internet speed up to 100 times?

How To Apply For BuySellAds and Get APPROVED

Most of the bloggers and webmasters dreams of getting their hands on fully approved BuySellads publisher account. Whenever it comes to approve a publisher’s account, BuySellads moderators always make sure that you can fulfill all the needs and if you have the potentials then no one can stop you from getting a verified BuySellads account. Still people are not realizing by applying again and again will not going to help instead it will decrease the chances of getting approved. Getting approval from BuySellads is neither straightforward, nor it is extremely difficult you just need to be consistent in each and every department. If you are receiving denials from BuySellads moderators, then you should reconsider your website’s quality and try to work with more dedication. Today we will discuss How to Apply for BuySellads to get approved?

How To Customize Theme of Blogger Comment Box

Do you ever imagine of optimizing your Blogger Comment Box? Although, Google developers are working hard to improve its feature and results can be seen in Blogger New interface. Blogger commenting system is the only element, which necessities some sort of enhancement. To make our blog more successful we need frequent commenters, more than loyal readers. The only way to keep your old article alive is to reply to the Comments, but if you aren’t getting any comments then surly the post will die in quick succession. Today we will optimize our Blogger Comment Box, so users don’t hesitate while publishing a comment. 

Google Panda 3.9 Algorithm Update (July 24th, 2012)

Few weeks ago there were some rumors going around about Google Panda 3.9 Algorithm update which was denied by Google officials. For that reason, lots of Bloggers and webmasters were blissed because they thought that, they have survived a complete month without noticing any change in the Algorithm. On the other hand, Google has just updated their algorithm and named it to “Panda 3.9 Update” which affected 1% search queries. If we compare the previous Google Panda 3.8 update with the correct 3.9 Algorithm change the difference are quite clear that the current update is not threatening. To learn more about Google Panda 3.9 check the following information.

How To Become a Google Verified Author In Blogger BlogSpot

Sometime even high search ranking fails to attract heaps of potential visitors to read your blog. Most of the Google users type their desired keywords and then pick that website which has most prominent title. It is indeed extremely difficult to make your articles look different from others in search results. Nevertheless, Google has up its sleeves by introducing yet another stunning feature for Bloggers, Webmasters, and even authors. Google has recently introduced Google verified authorship which would somewhat make your articles different from others.

Google verified authorship is the ticket to get featured on SERP (Search Engine Results). By becoming a Google verified author, we can easily make ourselves highlighted by placing our picture next to each and every Link of our website that appears in search result. If you have ever seen MyBloggerLab articles on Google search engine, then you might have seen the picture of our founder Syed Faizan Ali. In this article, we will discuss how to get Google’s Verified Authorship.

Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps For Bloggers and Webmasters

The world of Information technology has advanced furiously and daily almost billions of users invest trillions of money for development in the technology. Google is the most renounced name in the market, so every successful company wants to get affiliated with it because of its robust contribution towards advancing the technology. Android is another most prominent achievement of Google, according to the latest reports Android has become the leading Mobile Phone OS (operating system). Now being a Blogger it is getting essential to get an Android Smartphone because it does continue boundless services. Being a Blogger we need to stay updated regarding the latest trend in blogosphere obviously, we cannot sit in front of computer gazing 24 hours. This is the reason we must consider a Smartphone, so today we will be going through the Top 10 Android Applications for Bloggers and Webmasters. 

Customize Your Blog Search Using Google Custom Search Engine

When we do a comparison between Google and other search engine, clearly Google possess the upper hand by a fare long margin. Google is the most dependable and admirable searchengine ever born till date thus, it is more commonly known as the search engine giant. The biggest reason behind its success is frequent development in its searching abilities.  If you have observed those blogger templates which has custom searching gadgets, then you may have observed that they are incapable of displaying relevant results. Those searching gadgets possess limited functionality due to which, they are not capable to search the whole blog (each and every word) they work on the basis of post titles. The Best solution is to use Google Search Engine (GSE) which digs the most relevant data from your Blog and displays it to your visitors.

5 Pre-requirements To Learn While Optimizing Your Blogger Template

Everyone loves Blogger because it possesses numberless features, which attract a publisher like a bee to a honey. There is no doubt that Blogger is not the leading blogging platform but still it is giving a real hard time to WordPress (Most preferred Blogging Platform). The only thing which makes blogger 2nd best blogging platform is it’s instability towards designing. Nevertheless, this post is not dedicated to the greatest debate of all time Blogger vs. WordPress, today we will be discuss “The Things Which We Need to Remember before Making Any Changes in Our Blogger Template”. If you are our frequent visitors (loyal Reader) then you possibly have noticed a slight change in our Template from past two days I have been working to optimize my Blogger template, and so far it has given quite perfect results. This is the reason why I thought to share my views so you may not get stuck in a chunk of coding while editing your template.

1. First Thing First Learn HTML and CSS:

To edit or personalize a blogger template you need to learn the basics of HTML and CSS, you don’t need to spend lots of money in learning advance HTML coding because basics things are required to edit a blogger template which can be learned from Internet (Just Google It). Usually Blogger Template revolves around IDs (<div id>) and Classes (<div class>) so if you aware from HTML and CSS IDs then you will not feel any stress while editing a template.

2. Don’t Forget To Take a Backup of Your Template:

It appears extremely illogical if you straight away start editing your template without even creating a backup. Usually new bloggers don’t realize the significance of the template they take it as noting, and that causes them a significant decrease in their Traffic. For instance, while editing a Blogger template if you committed a childish mistake then nobody can save your blog from becoming the mother of all the messes but if you had downloaded the backup before editing your template then it could be a life saver.

  • To download a Backup of your Template Go to Blogger >> Template >> BackUp/Restore >> Download Full Template.

3. Changing the Complete Blogger Template May Loose Your SEO:

Changing a blogger template on regularly is not consider as the most desirable act, because Blogger has no additional files in it thus the entire SEO functions depends solely on your Template. If you are getting tons of visitors, then changing a blogger template is not the right choice as it will entirely kill your Search engine ranking.

If you want to do slight optimizations in your template then make sure you don’t do loads of changings because doing many changes might confuse the search bots, and they might rank you down so do changes in small packets like once a week.

4. Divide the Work Load by Establishing a Team:

It’s always proved quite promising if you work with a team of dedicated workers, try to divide work load so it may take less time and would give most prominent results. I will not recommend you to create a team of more than 2 members because you will not require more than that. You may divide departs like one member should work on CSS Style sheet while other concentrate on building correct HTML structure.

5. Edit Template on Blogger Template Editor Don’t Use Custom Tools:

Blogger templates are designed with XML language so if you would try to optimize it on your personal HTML tools, then it might run on your Local-Host but it will not execute properly on your Blogger blog and will give you common errors like “the template is not well formed” so be conscious while editing your template, and try to preview after every editing interval.

What’s next?

Currently we have reshaped our Navigation menu and are trying to optimize our Sidebar plus Post body.  We apologies for any errors that you may have faced while this up gradation. We will make sure that the site remains active while we are performing maintenance. In this week, you will continue to see lots of changes in designing but don’t forget to send your suggestion till then peace, blessings and happy designing.   

JQuery Social Traffic Pop up Plugin For Blogger

Social Traffic Pop Out Widget
Like To Enter Advanced Social Traffic POP V1 has been Released Don't forget to check it.

If your blog has tons of dailyvisitors, but still you are unable to convert your traffic into money then this is a life time opportunity to increase your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Feeds subscribers in large numbers. Today, while I was browsing the world’s largest Plugins and Widgets resource i.e. Codecanyon I came across lots of Social Traffic Pop widgets for WordPress, but I was amused that there was no resource for users using Blogger platform. So I thought to create a Social Traffic Pop widget, which is not totally identical to WordPress Social Traffic Pop Plugin.

In This Social Traffic Pop Widget, we can easily insert Facebook Like box, Twitter Follow, Google Plus and we can even include Feedburner subscription widget, so instead of waiting let us start working with Social Media Traffic Pop Widget for Blogger. Before we get started, I know you would be astonished to view the live demo so first give it a try

How To Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate And Engage Audience?

Bounce rate is considered as the cool devil for those who belong to the Blogger terminology. Bounce rate is the percentage of those visitors who landed on your website but did not navigate to any other page within the site. It could be extremely frustrating if you fail to reduce your bounce rate in spite of investing lots of money in SEO and Paid advertisements. Bounce rate indicates that your content is not relevant, or your writing style has failed to create the spark in minds of your visitors. Bloggers should understand that first impression is the last impression, so In order to reduce bounce rate bloggers should engage with their visitors and every now and then try to win their trust. On the other hand, websites with high bounce rates are more likely rank low in the search engines.

How To Convert Your Blog's Traffic Into Money With CPM Advertising

Do you ever imagine that you can make sufficient money from each and every page impressions that your blog receives? Do you ever assume that you can convert your Blog’s traffic into money without using significant publishers like Google AdSense, BuySellads or Infolinks? CPM (Cost Per Mile) or (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is becoming the latest trend in Blogosphere, which allows the Publishers to earn quite convincingly only if they have massive organic Traffic. Most of the Top advertising providers pay per click, but in CPM you earn on the basis of your daily traffic. Different CPM advertiser’s pays different amount per thousand views, and it totally depends on your sites capabilities i.e. content, traffic and quality. Just like Paid Per Click advertising, CPM also depends on country based traffic. For example, traffic from US and Canada will generate highest amount while other would countries may provide decent result.

Mashable Drop Down Navigation Menu For Blogger

Mashable is a popular internet news blog which provides latest news updates about social networking, Technology and etc.  Do you ever imagine of instituting a website like Mashable, obviously everyone has his own admiration nevertheless Mashable has all the potentials to be regarded as a well-recognize website. Mashable has splendid template this is the reason why lots of Mashable Widget hacks are flying all over the internet, but no one is bestowing Mashable Menu. Therefore, we though to create a Mashable like Drop down Menu, so bloggers can take their Blog to the next level.

CSS3 Popup Text and Image Boxes For Blogger

While designing a reader’s website we came across an existing fact that popups usually annoys users, but if we think more purposely then it has the potentials to change its image. Do you ever imagine of creating a lengthy blog post of about 20 pages let as assume if you published it on 20 different pages then your users will feel irritation, so on this circumstances you need to utilize popups and can manage 20 page posts on a single page. Therefore, today we will create a CSS3 Popup Text and Image box for Blogger.

How To Identify And Recover From Google Panda 3.8 Update?

Bloggers and Webmaster were loving the summer bash, when Google once again fired a freezing Panda 3.8 Algorithm update which is already up to test the blogger’s potentials and skills. Within a day of its release, lots of webmasters noticed a sudden collapse in their traffic due to which lots of websites lost their ranking, and it cause them loss in money as well as in their hard-work. Google Panda 3.8 algorithm change not only affected bloggers but also demolished lots of online business. From then, it has become a risky game to play, so now everyone is getting themselves ready to maintain solidity on the next update.

How To Manage Giveaways on Your Blog (Widget)

Managing Giveaways is considered as the biggest challenges for a Blogger it requires consistency and dominance, these days almost everyone is using giveaways as their new source of promotion and factually this concept is bang on target. Recently, a friend of mine has managed a Giveaway on his blog’s anniversary and astonishingly he received thousands of entries but the question is that, how we can manage a Giveaway on our Blog?  

How To Promote Your Blog With Free Giveaways?

As the time is passing, the world of blogosphere is getting bigger, better and hungrier. The numbers of blogs are growing at record breaking pace and so does the competitors. People are still finding it difficult to promote their Blog, usually they give more importance to Social networking while some of them use commenting, but factually none of these methods could last for the longer period. One of the ideal ways to promote our blog is to start or host a free giveaway through this service we can offer free gifts to our loyal readers for doing odd jobs like sharing our website on their social network and etc. Giveaways usually results in engaging audience because the gifts which we offer makes our visitors to revisit our site again and again.

Flipper JQuery Plugin: Page Flip Image Gallery Widget

Flipper is an attractive Jquery Plugin which renovates any content to a beautiful book-like widget! With its touch page-turnover effect, you can easily move from one page to another without having any trouble. If you are using any tablets like iPad, then you can easily use your figures to turn its pages while if you are on a desktop then you can flick pages with the help of your mouse. After 2 hours of hard-line coding, finally I was able to recode the widget by Nickys. It could be used on any platform which accepts HTML whether its Blogger or WordPress, you can utilize it on any website.  This Flipping Widget will provide a whole new glance to your blog or website and thus, it will attract users like a bee to a honey.

Facebook Like To Download Widget For Blogger

Do you want to get Quick Facebook likes then, you have arrived to the right place. Through Facebook like to Download script, we can easily force our visitors to like our fan page. In order to get the downloading link for a specific file user would have to like your Fan page because they need that file, and the only way to get the downloading link is to like your fan page. This widget is amazingly overwhelming, when I first saw this widget it attract me like a bee to a honey. Let us start rolling our fingers on our tutorial.

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